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More from Canadian Vending | Merchandising | Innovation | Events September 4, 2014
Energy bars, fruit bars, nuts among top sellers in healthy vending machines, says survey
Energy bars, cereal bars, fruit bars, nuts and chip alternatives represent more than 90 per cent of snack sales in MAX! Canadian Healthy Vending machines, suggests a recent survey by the company.
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Communication key to improving benefits
Better communication about how health benefit plans are used can help employers tailor their plans to meet the needs of today’s multi-generational workforce.
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Sponsor Spotlight

The Tetley Tea Experts program fits into any foodservice operation and will enhance your overall tea offering and your bottom line!

String and Tag Tea Experts Merchandising Kit

  • Paper enveloped with a String N Tag
  • Single SKU
  • Make 450 cups of tea with this kit!
Drawstring Tea Experts Merchandising Kit
  • Signature round bag wrapped in a foil envelope with a drip-free drawstring
  • Single SKU
  • Specialty flavours available
  • Make 260 cups of tea with this kit!
Both kits are ready for service! Simply open the box and place it on the counter.

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Brock grads have something brewing with coffee business
Two university graduates have started a coffee-packaging business that creates private-label coffee pods for smaller companies, reports The Brock News.Staff and patrons at Chicago parks reacted positively to the appearance of healthier product choices in vending machines, indicates a study that offers insight into consumer behaviour.
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Healthy sodas not too hard for Canadians to swallow
Many Canadians are constantly looking for ways to adopt a healthier diet and monitor what ingredients they are eating and drinking, suggests a study by Mintel.
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Go Lite! popcorn features Himalayan salt
Go Lite! Popcorn is made of three ingredients: whole-grain popcorn is hot air popped, then coated with coconut oil and Himalayan salt.
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