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Not on a social network? Shame on you!

June 10, 2010
By Canadian Vending


Social NetworkingJune 10, 2010 – According to an article in the Globe and Mail.  Google has improved its indexing system in order to keep up with all the social networking sites.

Social Networking 


June 10, 2010 – Social networking is taking over the Internet world. It isn't just for college students or to find a significant other, people of all ages and many large corporate companies are using social media.

There are arguments that state some companies haven't seen much of an increase by joining social media sites. Maybe they aren't using the right ones.  There are many to choose from, and joining them all would be a time management nightmare, but choosing one that works for your company could be beneficial.

If your clients and customers are using social networks, don't you want to be where they are? It's a great opportunity to reel them in with coupons and deals. Keep in mind your social network followers are usually a different audience then your day-to-day customers or most loyal customers. Why not offer savings exclusively to those who join your social network?


Check out the article from Globe and Mail on Google's new index system!

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