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Oh Henry! offers in-game boost rewards for NBA video game

October 6, 2020

Image courtesy of Hershey Canada Inc.

Will smooth peanut butter make you run faster? Will crunchy pretzels make you stronger? Will peanuts, caramel, and a chocolatey coating increase your accuracy? If you’re a video game character, they will. Oh Henry! Level Up bar is a confectionery product is offering an “in-game boost.”

Each bar will contain a code for an in-game boost reward for NBA® 2K21 inside the wrapper, allowing players to level up their skills in the top-rated and top-selling NBA game while they refuel with the bar at home.

“Oh Henry! bar has always been about conquering hunger, but now we’re helping Canadians conquer the court as well,” says Alejandro Mosquera, marketing manager, Oh Henry! in a statement. “As the only confectionery brand in Canada to offer an in-game performance enhancer, Oh Henry! Level Up is breaking down barriers in the chocolate world.”

With more than 23 million Canadians identifying as gamers, spending an average of 10 hours per week playing, as the bar’s name name suggests, the Oh Henry! brand is using ‘XP’ gained in past innovation launches to go all-in on gaming.