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One-person coffee-pod case packing system

September 15, 2015
By Colleen Cross


Eagle Packaging Machinery, a manufacturer of case erecting, tray forming and robotic palletizing technology, has launched a case-packing system that allows one person to load coffee pod containers into corrugated cases.

This case packer erects, loads and seals 10 cases per minute and can be operated by one person.

The 12, 18, and 24 packs of coffee pods are loaded into the case packer without orientation with a simple infeed conveyor. They are arranged into pack patterns using a side pusher and then transferred to the loading zone. A corrugated case is erected and glued simultaneously. Once the desired pack pattern is achieved, a servo-driven Pick & Place robotic arm lifts the containers using Venturi suction. The loaded case is sealed with a Nordson glue system and the case discharges onto an exit conveyor ready for shipping.