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Parlevel brings micro market solution to Canada

November 7, 2018
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Parlevel Systems

Parlevel Systems, a technology provider for food and beverage operators, has launched its Micro Market solution for the Canadian market.

Parlevel Systems states that thousands of unattended retail operators in Canada now have access to the industry’s all-in-one technology solution, encompassing multiple micro-market kiosk models, vending telemetry and office coffee/-on-demand delivery services – all managed under the umbrella of the Parlevel Vending Management System.

Canadian operators to best serve their consumers, Parlevel kiosks provide maximum payment acceptance. Parlevel kiosks are outfitted with payment solutions that enable cashless, cash, and virtual wallet payments. Customers can pay through Tap & Go, Interac debit, credit, Apple Pay, and Android Pay capabilities. Its bill validator accepts $5, $10, and $20 Canadian notes, or a virtual, preloaded wallet. A fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, built-in webcam, and the largest touchscreen in the industry help operators provide superior service to their customers. The checkout process is intuitive, efficient, and secure – resulting in decreased service calls, inspiring repeat customers, and maximizing location sales. The kiosks’ user interface and Parlevel’s management system support multiple languages.

Operators who deploy Parlevel micro market kiosks also have access to Parlevel’s management system. Promotional, sales, and marketing tools enable operators to increase their revenues, while warehousing, inventory, and product management features help increase service efficiencies. Operators can route, prekit, and service their micro markets with their vending, office coffee, or other drop-off services all within Parlevel’s management system. This all-in-one approach helps business get a holistic view of their operations, and increases operational efficiencies by eliminating the need to learn multiple systems.


Canadian operators can also deploy Parlevel koin in their micro market setups. Koin is a versatile web and mobile app that consumers use for accessing their transaction history, reloading their virtual wallets, submitting feedback, and remotely checking inventory. Koin results in better customer engagement, decreased transaction fees, and improved service for micro market operators.

“We’re excited to continue helping operators around the world expand their services and create more value through our micro market line,” said Gabriel Senior, chief operations officer at Parlevel. “Parlevel’s micro market will help Canadian operators find transformative benefits for their business, while giving them access to a truly all-in-one management system. We are confident Canadian operators will be very successful with our markets.”

Operators can purchase the kiosk with a complete package of coolers, fixtures, security cameras, and other essentials directly from Parlevel for a comprehensive micro market solution. Canadian operators can also use Parlevel’s management system to manage their vending, office coffee, or other drop-off business services. Parlevel now supports customers across twenty countries and is making the micro markets line available in the United States, Canada and to an increasing number of Latin American and European countries.