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Parlevel now integrates with VendScreen

January 22, 2016
By Laura Aiken
San Antonio, TX – Parlevel Systems, a provider of vending management solutions (VMS) can now integrate with VendScreen, a network of touchscreen devices designed for vending machines. The integration is designed to enhance VendScreen functionality with Parlevel’s suite of vending management solutions to give vending operators increased insight into their business.  


VendScreen devices retrofit on existing vending machines and can enhance point of sale capabilities. These devices employ cloud-based and DEX technologies to accept cashless payments, display product nutrition information, and increase customer engagement and service.  The integration with Parlevel allows for vending operators transfer data captured by VendScreen for use in Parlevel’s vending management platform. Parlevel’s VMS utilizes features like remote monitoring, optimized product merchandising, consolidated financial reports, and other optimization tools to give vending operators firmer control over their companies.   

“Our recent integration with VendScreen adds to Parlevel’s growing portfolio of telemetry hardware partnerships and makes our VMS available to more operators seeking its benefits,” said Rafa Barroso, chief information officer for Parlevel, in a press release. “VendScreen devices integrate cashless and telemetry capabilities that can be monitored in an easy and effective way using Parlevel’s VMS. This integration helps VendScreen users make informed decisions that will positively impact their business in the long term.”


Based in San Antonio, Texas, Parlevel Systems is a provider of vending management solutions for the food and beverage industries, including vending operators and coffee, tea, and water service providers.