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PayRange launches operator sales app

December 21, 2015
By Laura Aiken

Portland, OR – PayRange, who makes mobile payment solution for machines, rolled out an operator app that provides sales information and summary metrics directly on the smartphone.

Designed to be easy to use, this innovation allows operators to access the PayRange app for real-time sales metrics from virtually anywhere.

Operators will use the same PayRange consumer app used to make mobile payments. When the signed-in user is an operator, the app automatically activates an “operator mode” and additional menu options appear, providing a sales dashboard with charts and summary information. The app can still be used in consumer-mode to make purchases as well. The operator’s information is securely downloaded from the PayRange server after sign-in, so only operators have access to their information.

With the operator mode, the app provides daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales information that is updated hourly. In addition, the app provides data such as projected annual sales, lifetime mobile sales, average sales per machine, number of active devices, and average sales per user. PayRange developed a backend system that supports nearly instantaneous results to the dashboard and summaries to minimize wait time.


The PayRange operator app reports mobile and cash sales from vending machines. Each machine equipped with the PayRange BluKey to enable mobile sales is already equipped to provide the data for the operator app, so the operator does not need to do any setup or visit the machines for updates.

The operator app and service is now available to all existing operators with the 3.1 version of the PayRange app available for iOS from the Apple store and for Android from the Google Play store. Operator mode will be provided free for life to all existing operators including for any machines acquired later. The free operator app service is also available to operators in the U.S. and Canada that sign up for service by Dec. 31, 2015.