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Pentair and Everpure provide relief for Haiti

January 21, 2010
By Canadian Vending



Pentair and Everpure provide relief for Haiti
Pentair Foodservice, a leader in water filtration solutions, and its Everpure brand are responding to the earthquake in Haiti, as municipal water supplies have been cut off in the Haitian capital, creating a dire need for clean, filtered water.

Jan. 21, 2010, Chicago – A reported 6.1 magnitude aftershock has struck Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, the largest of more than 40 aftershocks that have followed the earthquake on January 12 adding to the widespread devastation. As a result, Pentair Foodservice, a global leader in water filtration solutions and its Everpure® brand, are responding to the disaster as municipal water supplies have been cut off in the Haitian capital creating a dire need for clean, filtered water.  

In co-ordination with its Foundation, Pentair, which includes the brands Everpure® and SHURflo®, are donating $200,000 to fund portable water treatment systems and related supplies to Haiti.  Working with the company’s charitable partner, Water Missions International (WMI), the company is able to provide 10 Living Water Treatment Systems (LWTS) and five chlorinators. These water systems can provide portable drinking water to approximately 100,000 total people daily.
Haiti’s water supply was already in danger prior to the earthquake, causing their current situation to be even more of a potentially life threatening issue. Each LWTS employs a multi-stage filtering system that reduces disease by removing waterborne pathogens, which can cause diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and hepatitis.  The LWTS operates from any surface water – ponds, lakes and streams allowing for water collection from any available source.  Chlorinators are for use with shallow wells where the water is clear and does not require filtration, but could still be contaminated.
“We have always understood the great importance of ample, clean water supplies and we are dedicated to using our knowledge and technological expertise to assist the Haitian population in their time of need,” said Roy Parker, Senior Marketing Manager of Everpure.
The systems are currently being shipped and installed in coordination with WMI who have water engineers and personnel on site. More information regarding the technologies mentioned above is available on the company’s Website