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PepsiCo planning paper bottles

July 15, 2020

Image courtesy of PepsiCo

PepsiCo has joined the consortium of global consumer goods companies, including Unilever, to further develop and scale a recyclable paper bottle, initially developed by Diageo and Pilot Lite.

This new bottle is made from sustainably sourced pulp to meet food-safe standards and is being designed to be fully recyclable in standard waste streams. The goal of the consortium is to ensure that the technology is developed so it can be used across industries. PepsiCo expects to test their branded paper bottles, based on Pulpex Limited’s design and technology in 2021.

In a press release, PepsiCo stated that “no single organization or industry can solve the plastic waste challenge on their own,” and as a result have decided to partner with peers pre-competitively through partnerships like this with Pulpex Limited, and the Carbios Consortium, NaturALL Bottle as well as Danimer Scientific on compostable and bio-based flex films.

PepsiCo’s chief sustainability officer Simon Lowden said, “Innovative solutions and partnership are critical to driving meaningful progress toward a circular economy. The Pulpex consortium is well positioned to deliver sustainable packaging at scale and across industries, having impact beyond what any organization could achieve alone. We’re proud to be a part of it.”