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PizzaForno introduces automated artisanal pizza to Canada

December 13, 2018
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of PizzaForno

The Canadian flagship location of  The PizzaForno™, automated pizza oven will open for business at 1235 Bay Street, on Friday, December 14, serving patrons 24/7 with made fresh artisan pizzas ready in under three minutes.

The launch will officially kick off what the company calls a ‘pizzaruption’ in Canada with rapid national expansion of the food tech innovation, created in France, to take place now and throughout 2019.

“PizzaForno will cause a pizzaruption in Canada because it’s the height of food tech and convenience offering uncompromising, authentic pizzeria quality 24/7 – with no tipping required,” said Les Tomlin, President of PFX Canada Inc., in a press release.

PizzaForno customers can choose from four different selections on a digital screen that includes: Chèvre-miel (goat cheese and honey), BBQ Chicken, Pepperoni, and Mozzarella, with additional options rolling out in 2019. Each 12-inch pizza is made fresh by hand, with an authentic Italian approach that includes romana crust, fresh, all natural, locally sourced ingredients. Prices range from $11 to $14 each and include HST.


PizzaForno™ holds seventy 12-inch pizzas with hand-stretched crusts made with 100 per cent Italian Caputo flour. Pizzas are freshly topped and stored in the refrigerated section of the PizzaForno™. Once customers order from the 32-inch interactive screen, a robotic arm takes their selection from the refrigerated section, conveys in to a patented oven where it is baked, placed in a box and delivered to the consumer. To see learn more about how it works, watch a short video here.

The company is expanding. Dixie Outlet Mall in Mississauga will mark its first North American retail mall location, opening Dec. 17. In early 2019, ‘pizzaruption’ will gain further momentum with openings at 10 PenguinPickUp retail locations, as well as additional retail and office locations in the Greater Toronto Area.  Expansion will continue throughout 2019, with additional Canadian cities to be announced in Spring of 2019.

The flagship location will be in Yorkville, Toronto, in an exclusive partnership with Front Runner Technologies, PizzaForno™ will deploy immersive digital content on the flagship’s 20 ft. window frontage on Bay St.

William Moyer and Les Tomlin are the Canadian entrepreneurs introducing the PizzaForno™ to Canadians. PizzaForno™ is based on technology from SAS Adial, based in Liseux, France. TFI Food Equipment Solutions of Brampton, ON is the exclusive distributor partner in North America for Adial and saw the massive potential in the technology and immediately seized upon the opportunity to partner with Adial.  PizzaForno™ real estate and location services are provided exclusively by Aurora Realty Consultants.