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Planters launches ‘Shout For Nuts’ vending machine campaign

March 31, 2017
By Canadian Vending


Pittsburgh and Chicago – Planters is launching “Shout For Nuts,” a new campaign that invites customers to shout loud about their love of its mixed nuts, cashews and peanuts.

To kick things off, the company invited one of the best shouters they know, Coach Jim Harbaugh, to shout about his love of Planters snack nuts alongside consumers at a “Shout For Nuts” vending machine in Los Angeles.

The “Shout For Nuts” vending machine, featured in the campaign videos, is modelled to look like a life-size can of nuts and dispenses Planters nuts when people shout about their love of nuts into its decibel-measuring panel. The louder consumers shout, whether “I love nuts” or “I love mixed nuts” or “I love Planters,” the more nuts it dispenses.

“Coach Jim Harbaugh is a longstanding fan of Planters and Mr. Peanut, so we thought he was a perfect partner to help encourage other nut fanatics to shout their love for nuts,” said Camille Vareille, head of brand building for Planters. “Plus, he’s known for shouting on the sidelines, so we know just how loud he can get.”


Planters said it created this program to address how cravings make consumers feel. When you crave delicious, fresh-roasted nuts, sometimes you want to shout it loud.

The campaign will use online video, social media and a Planters NUTmobile as it travels across America.