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Pulse beverage wins big

July 4, 2017
By Canadian Vending

Megumi - 2017 National Mission: ImPULSEible winning entry. Megumi is made with fermented chickpeas, navy beans and red beans. One serving of Megumi provides you with 24 per cent of your daily intake of dietary fibre and 11 g of protein. CNW Group/Pulse Canada

An innovative beverage that provides 11 g of protein and 24 per cent of the daily recommended intake of dietary fibre won first place in Pulse Canada’s 10th annual Mission: ImPULSEible food product development competition.

Megumi is a nutrient-dense, prebiotic beverage made from fermented chickpeas, navy beans and red lentils. Megumi was created by Jon Geneau, Kathleen Chan, Marvi Carandang and Yuka Yamazaki from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. In addition to being high in protein and fibre, it also contains significant amounts of vitamin C, iron and calcium. Thanks to its natural sweetness (derived from the fermentation process), Megumi also contains no added sugars or sweeteners.

Mission: ImPULSEible challenges Canadian post-secondary students to get creative in producing novel food products featuring Canadian pulses (peas, lentils, beans and chickpeas). This year a new twist was put on the competition: students were challenged to develop healthy products for millennial consumers (aged 18-35) that would qualify for use of the Pulse Brand, a new symbol that identifies food products containing pulses. For a product to qualify for use of the Pulse Brand, pulses must be in the top 5 ingredients by weight, and must make up five per cent of the total formulation by weight.