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Put wins barista championship

November 5, 2013
By Administrator


Nov. 6, 2013, Vancouver – The Canadian Coffee and Tea Show awarded the title of 2013 Canadian Barista Champion to Ben Put.

Put of Calgary’s Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters was also a competitor in 2012, taking second place behind his Phil & Sebastian colleague, Jeremy Ho. Put will be competing at the 2014 World Barista Championship in Rimini, Italy.

The winners of second through sixth place were: Cole Torode from Caffe Rosso (second place), Keaton Ritchie from Cafe Myriade (third place), Megan Feniak from Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roaster (fourth place), Morgan Allen from Caffe Artigiano (fifth place) and Tristan Mapstone from Fernwood Coffee (sixth place).
Devin Lilly won The Latte Art Throw Down. Lilly was awarded $500 for receiving the highest combined soy and milk latte scores.


The Tea Association of Canada challenged attendees to showcase their abilities in a blind tea-tasting competition. “So you think you can be a Tea Sommelier” participants tasted 10 teas to determine the country of origin and the tea type. The top three winners were Anika Dovell and James Kenny who tied for first place and Mark Arathoon who came in second.

The next Canadian Coffee and Tea Show will take place next year from Sept. 28 to 29.