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Quality coffee certification program in St. Louis

September 23, 2008
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Sept. 23, 2008, Chicago, Ill. —The
National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Quality Coffee
Certification Program (QCCP) in St. Louis will demonstrate
building customer loyalty
this October.

Sept. 23, 2008, Chicago, Ill. —The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Quality Coffee Certification Program (QCCP) in St. Louis this October will demonstrate building customer loyalty through premium products and help office coffee service operators distinguish themselves from convenience stores and other operators,” NAMA Coffee Service Director, Roger Stewart, NCE, announced today.

“Customer loyalty should be the goal of Office Coffee Service operators; they buy a broader range of products from you and they remain a customer longer. The QCCP this year will show that providing a quality cup of coffee matched with superior customer service is one way to cultivate loyal customers,” added Stewart.

The QCCP session, sponsored by Folgers Coffee Company, lunch is sponsored by Holiday House and Kool Tek, LLC and in kind sponsorships from Everpure, LLC, and Newco Enterprises, Inc., is October 15, in St. Louis during the NAMA National Expo and the session runs from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM.  Participants will taste different blends and single origin coffees from growing regions around the world and have the opportunity to taste and evaluate coffee brewed with standard tap water, softened water, and filtered tap water and with reverse osmosis.   Attendees will learn first-hand how much effect water has on coffee and how to help their customers with their water issues.  In addition, they will evaluate the impact on the brewing process in different single cup brewers currently on the market.


“Today many coffee savvy consumers are looking and asking for better coffee in the work environment.  Competition for premium coffee and that consumer driving to the office each morning is heating up.  Local C-store chains want consumers to get their first cup of coffee on the way to work.  As an operator you want them to have that first cup of coffee at work.  This QCCP session will help your company differentiate yourself from other operators and the local C-store chain,” concluded Stewart.

The coffee knowledge provided at the session is designed to help operators and their sales staff close sales and take their coffee service operation to the next level.  The cost is $279, which includes lunch and the binder packed with information presented during the session.

The registration form can be found at ; click Quality Coffee Certification Program.  Those wishing to participate can print a hard copy or register on-line.  Those with questions can call Roger Stewart NCE, Director of Coffee Service at 312-346-0370 ext: 228 or email to

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