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Rainbow bracelets and groovy fashion rings

September 25, 2008
By Administrator


New products available from Allstar Vending: rainbow bracelets and groovy fashion rings.

rainbow_bracelet_displayRainbow bracelets
In every 1” capsule you will get 1 Rainbow Bracelet and there are 6 gorgeous and fresh colors to collect. Get your orange, blue, pink, green, purple or florescent yellow rainbow bracelet, you can mix and match them or wear all six at once. They really do look great; Girls will want to know where to get them so stock your machines with these fun and easy to wear Rainbow Bracelets. Great for your .25 cent vends.

groovey_fashion_ringsGroovy Fashion Rings
They come in amazing vivid colors such as yellows, greens, reds, blue’s  and more……and each has its own trendy design for example one of the rings has three hearts another has the word love. Each design comes in 3 ring sizes, a large version, and a medium size version and then there is a small version. We carefully selected the designs and colors with the help of young girls that took part in our focus group. Make your fashion statement by sporting anyone of these fashion designed Groovy rings, they are fresh and fun to wear. These rings are made of acrylic so they are solid, they feature color rich designs that kids and adults will love and want to wear. There are 12 different designs to choose from, you’ll just want to have them all. For a suggested .25 cent vend.