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Rainbow sprinkle cookies can be customized for holidays

March 15, 2017
By Administrator


Shires Bakery Cookies has a festive rainbow sprinkle soft cookie that is available in several seasonal sprinkle themes: St. Patrick’s Easter, Canada Day, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s.

The custom sprinkles are available 45 days before the holiday.

The company, based in Hamilton, Ont., makes several varieties of soft, chewy single-serve cookies for convenience stores, gas stations, vending machines and catering trucks.

Owners Jorge and Vera Alamo,who originally ran a doughnut and pastry bakery, in 1992 entered the cookie manufacturing business.


The company’s Original line of soft single-serve cookies are made with non-hydrogenated margarine, and are a source of omega 3, omega 6 polyunsaturates and fibre.

The Healthier Choice line are low in saturated fat, trans fat-free, low in sodium and a source of fibre. They comply with Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy PPM 150. There are five flavours available in 55 gram packages.

The cookies are made in a peanut- and nut-free facility, the company’s website says.