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Red Bull announces its limited edition summer flavour

March 4, 2020

Image courtesy of Red Bull

Red Bull® unveils the latest in their editions series with the launch of its 2020 Summer Edition flavour.

Delivering a refreshing, take on the taste of the classic Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon celebrates the most iconic fruit of the summer season hitting shelves just in time for the warmer days ahead starting April 1, 2020 as a national, limited-time only offer.

Available in a sleek, matte, jewel-toned can, Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon has an initial cool and crisp profile which then blooms into a watermelon finish. Offering ‘wings for every taste’, Red Bull Summer Edition will join the line of Red Bull Editions flavours available in Canada and can be found alongside Red Bull Green Edition, Red Bull Yellow Edition, Red Bull Blue Edition, Red Bull Coconut Edition and Red Bull Peach Edition.

This latest limited time seasonal offer can be found in 250ml, 250ml 4-packs and 355ml matte red cans at various locations across the country starting April 1st.