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Red Bull features Mitch Marner can and contest

March 16, 2020

Image courtesy of Red Bull

Returning for the second straight year in a row, Mitch Marner’s signature athlete can has returned to Ontario. The Canadian Red Bull athlete has a branded can worldwide.

Red Bull Canada and Mitch Marner challenge fans to be quizzed on what kind of fan they are for a chance to play with Mitch Marner on home ice. Later this year, five lucky fans and their friends will suit up and hit the ice for a blue and white shinny game, while all-star Mitch Marner calls the shots from the bench.

After the zamboni floods the ice, they will check into a downtown hotel with a $500 CAD prepaid card before suiting back up for Real Sports Bar & Grill and a VIP Red Bull hosted meal.

Available March 1st, 2020 — until quantities last — the Mitch Marner Red Bull can provides the same wings as Red Bull® Energy Drink and Red Bull® Sugarfree.  For those who want to enter the quiz, click here.