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Ripples launches data analytics for beverages

October 24, 2019
By Canadian Vending


Ripples introduced a new set of big-data analytics to its platform creating a new category for food and beverage marketers, called Beverage-Top Media.

The new big-data analytics allow brands to gauge the social media impact of different content delivered on top of beverages, as well as provide businesses with content-based recommendations to increase sales at the point of consumption.

Customers including Coffee Cartel have already leveraged Ripples’ technology to engage with consumers, reporting significant social media results and business success including: 

  • Coffee Cartel (Bali coffee shop) – In one month, Bev-Top Media achieved a 1 million social media reachwith an earned media equivalent of $9K 

Yossi Meshulam, Ripples CEO comments: “Since we launched Ripples four years ago, market adoption of our platform has been phenomenal. Today, thousands of businesses, large and small, are utilizing Ripples”.


“With the growing install base of Ripples and the vast amount of data we’ve been able to aggregate and analyze over the years, we created a new set of big-data capabilities to better utilize this medium – called Bev-Top Media,” he added. With the new data tools, Ripples now provides analysis of content trends online and at the point of consumption to help businesses increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. 

The new Ripples customized performance reports include content analysis such as:

  • Industry, geography and seasonal-based content statistics with recommendations to help businesses maximize traffic and drive sales at the point of consumption 
  • Ripples Content recommendations to drive consumer engagement on social media
  • Extraction of earned media value from Ripples-based content on social media