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Rollasole Vending Machine & Bloch Roll Ups

April 12, 2010
By Stylist Stuff


rollasoleApril 12, 2010 – See what consumers are saying about the idea of buying flats in a vending machine. Women no longer have to suffer that extra walk at the end of the day with flats available in a vending machine.



April 12, 2010 –  Women love their shoes, but after wearing heels all day long a vending machine offering flats is a great alternative. Check out what women have to say on the new vending idea.

"I'm okay going out and standing around in heels, it’s just at the end of
the night and I start to hate my shoes because my feet hurt. Anyway I
love the idea that you can purchase a pair of flats in a vending
machine for less then £10.00! | READ MORE