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Route4Me adds time-saving check-in/check-out feature

January 2, 2017
By Administrator


Route4Me has added an auto check-in feature for drivers to its route sequencing and optimization platform that is ideal for companies whose drivers have to visit many destinations per day.

The auto check-in/check-out feature uses dynamic geo-fencing to eliminate the need for drivers to check in and out of locations manually. The automatic feature cuts costs, saves time and boosts employee productivity, the company said in a press release.

The feature also lets businesses specify a proximity shape and size for stops on their route and the amount of time it takes to trigger an automatic check-in either in seconds or as a percentage of the expected time on site.

It updates dynamic estimated arrival times in the manifest and logs in times when a driver deviates from a planned route, enabling businesses to detect when drivers are “freestyling,” the company said. Drivers can still manually enter their arrival and departure time, and both data sets are stored and available for analysis.


The new feature also improves safety on the road, because drivers using Route4Me do not have to look at their phone to manually “check in.” The company plans to link its geo-fencing capability with its forthcoming customer messaging and notification module. The module will automatically notify customers by text message or phone call when a driver is approaching or is going to be late.