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Sapsucker offers naturally flavoured, Canadian beverage

May 12, 2020

Image courtesy of Sapsucker

Now more than ever, we’re called to rally and shop independent businesses. Created in Canada, Sapsucker beverages are sustainably harvested, supporting local tree farmers and forest management. Every drop – and dollar – counts towards helping these local growers and producers survive.

“Organic”, “sustainable”, “natural” and “plant-based” may be buzzwords but take on true meaning as part of Sapsucker’s DNA. Here’s a look at their tree tapping process:

  1. Maple trees draw moisture up through their roots and trunk, acting as a natural filter. Over the course of a Canadian winter, the water collects nutrients that provide hydration and nourishment, enabling the tree’s growth and rejuvenation each spring.
  2. In the spring, trees are tapped; the harvest process does not harm the trees so they can continue to flourish.
  3. The sweet water is lightly infused with natural lemon or lime flavours.
  4. Carbonation is added for a subtle bubble.

The final product? A healthy plant-based beverage boasting minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and prebiotics aplenty!

Craving a fizzy fix with a homemade meal?  Tired after a tough workout? Instead of satisfying your sweet tooth with artificially sweetened drinks, substitute with the Sapsucker rainbow: The Original One, The Lime One and The Lemon One.


Now available at and Whole Foods, the 335mL cans are priced individually at $2.49.