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School-approved, healthy-vending snacks

Healthy Crunch Chocolate Banana Granola Bars (CNW Group/Healthy Crunch)

For operators looking for allergen-free, Canadian-made healthy vending options, Healthy Crunch has launched the first School Approved® snack line.

School Approved® products are free of major allergens, made in a gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free facility, low in sugar, and high in fibre. This move comes as consumers are hungry for healthy alternatives; especially since COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of a nutritional full-rounded pantry.

Many of the snacks lack the nutrients our bodies need, and are filled with sugar. The School Approved® line has taken this white space and filled the gap with alternatives — everything is dietician and chef-approved,” says founder, Registered Dietitian and Chef Julie Bednarski in a press release. “This label makes it easy for parents to identify better-for-you choices and feel confident.”

This is not the first time Healthy Crunch has made an industry disruptive move. Last year the company launched Canada’s first allergen-free Trail Mix. Along with the Trail Mix, the new School Approved® line includes:


Granola Bars:

Healthy Crunch Granola Bars contain 1 billion GanedenBC30 probiotics per bar, the first time a probiotic of this kind has been used in a granola bar for kids within Canada. This is also the first granola bar in Canada to have only 2 grams of sugar per bar. Each bar includes one serving of fruits and vegetables, is allergen-free and is School Approved®.

Seed Butters:

Healthy Crunch Seed Butters are Canada’s first and only keto-certified and School Approved® nut-free spreads — the chocolate flavour is the first time a nut-free chocolate spread has been introduced to the market. Seed Butters are allergen-free, School Approved® and only contain 1 to 3 grams of sugar per serving.

Chia Jams:

Healthy Crunch Chia Jams are the World’s first and only keto-certified jams to hit the market. Chia Jams are naturally sweetened with only 2 grams of sugar per serving. Chia seeds provide extra protein, fibre and omega-3 fats.