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See’s Candies study: people grateful despite COVID

November 18, 2020


See’s Candies launched a consumer research study to see how people would celebrate during a pandemic.

Even with the COVID-19 related changes to holiday routines, the candy company found that most consumers are ready to celebrate and feel the comforts of home and favourite treats.

Over 87 per cent of those questioned in the survey by See’s Candies are looking forward to the celebrations, and 77 per cent of the respondents cite their families as the main reason for their gratitude.

56 per cent of those surveyed, however, are planning to celebrate in a different way, with 33.5 per cent of people enjoying the day with their own household only and 28 per cent not traveling to see family members.


Even with all the changes to the holiday and the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, 56 per cent of survey takers aren’t feeling stressed about the day and are most looking forward to holiday staples like turkey (36 per cent)  and pie (33 per cent).

The overwhelming majority of people (77 per cent) are thankful for their families this year, with friends (3 per cent) and jobs (3 per cent) trailing behind.