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Small business: 5 online tips

August 25, 2009
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Small business: 5 online tips
Even in today's digital world, some small businesses are still overlooking the opportunities that live online.

Aug. 25, 2009 – Even in today's digital world, some small businesses are still overlooking the opportunities that live online. With more than 19 million Canadians going online every year to locate businesses, research products, and purchase goods and services, it is even more important to look at ways to move your small business online.

Here are a few ways your small business can use the Web to its potential:

  • Create an online storefront: Today, more Canadians are using the Internet as a business directory and information resource. A company Web site can help existing and potential customers find your small business while searching online. Web hosting providers make creating and maintaining a Web site easy and often offer ready-made templates that make it simple to customize your site.
  • Act as a resource: Your Web site's content reigns king and should be purposeful, current and fresh. Add credibility to your company site by including informative articles, case studies and press coverage. Also use your Web site to generate excitement about new product or service offers and company news, and always prominently display your contact details so customers can reach you easily.
  • Leave a lasting impression: The expression “choose your words carefully” also applies to your Web site. To maximize your online exposure, include keywords that are specific to your company, industry, and product or service on every page of your site so your business is prioritized in search results. For guaranteed exposure, small businesses can also choose to advertise select keywords with search engines.
  • Customers without borders: Ensure your Web site allows users to buy online to increase transactional traffic and expand your customer base outside your postal code.
  • Become an online socialite: Increase the exposure of your small business by creating an e-newsletter and post it in free directories, or e-mail it to your customer database. Owners can also write articles for industry sites, post on relevant message boards, and host a blog to start conversations with potential customers.