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Juice faucet handles thick beverages

February 23, 2017
By Administrator


Tomlinson Industries’ new SPBJU Juice Faucet is designed to easily dispense thick, pulpy juices and beverages.

Developed for use on beverage containers and dispensers, it features a unique seal/seat design that helps shear pulp at shut off for leak-free operation.

The company says the dispenser has no after-drip and a fast flow rate of 1.43 gallons per minute, 3.05 ounces per second, 5.41 litres per minute.

Other features include a temperature rating of 77 C, pressure rating of 6 PSI and .41 BAR.


The faucet is easy to clean and maintain, with several handle options available:the signature Tomlinson Wishbone Handle, the new Crystal Handle, the Cup Trip Handle for one-hand dispensing, and the Tomlinson Nudger Handle.