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SqwishLand names Zibbers Cdn. distributor

August 11, 2011
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August 11, 2011, Scottsdale, AZ – SqwishLand Retail has named Zibbers Inc. as the exclusive Canadian distributor of SqwishLand Retail collectible toy products.

The soft and squishy rubbery toys are sold in capsules and come with a SqwishCode for online gaming at, were previously available in Canada exclusively through vending machines.

Through this new partnership wiht Zibbers, SqwishLand products will be sold at various retail specialty, drug, craft and toy stores. Aside from increasing the distribution of the toys, Zibbers will also help bring two of SqwishLand's hottest toy collectibles to the Canadian market – the DIY SqwishLand Art Kit and the Sqwishland Soft N' Squishy Bracelet.

"We are excited to be named the exclusive distributor of SqwishLand products in Canada. We take pride in bringing the hottest selling gifts, toys and novelties to Canadians," said Zibbers Inc.'s Carolyn Kates.


In the five years since SqwishLand collectibles launched, more than 100 million toy capsules have been sold. The online SqwishLand game has close to 700,000 active users.

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