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Sqwishland vending machine visually stimulating

February 15, 2017
By Administrator


Brand Vending has released a bulk vending machine for one-inch items that looks like fun and is easy to use for operators and young customers.

For operators, the Ultimate Sqwishland will provide many years of reliable and profitable service, Brand Vending said in a press release. The setup consists of one large head divided into four canisters. All four canisters are accessible when the lid is removed. The head is mounted on a sturdy stand.

The entire machine is adorned with Sqwishland graphics and designed to be visually stimulating to kids.

Each machine has a 50 cent coin mechanism and two cash drawers.


The machines have the following features:

  • Shatterproof polycarbonate globe
  • All .50 coin mechanisms
  • High-impact ABS plastic body that maintains colour consistency when scratched
  • Rust-resistant, triple-chrome-plated, die cast zinc base on stand
  • Flat key geographically assigned for your security
  • Capsule dispenser vends one-inch capsules
  • Chute cover protects products from foreign substances
  • Option to make all the bodies the same by selecting a single color

 The unit price of US$695 includes six bags of Sqwishland toy products.