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SunRype offering sparkling tea

June 19, 2017
By Canadian Vending

Photo courtesy of SunRype

SunRype introduced Real Brewed Sparkling Teas. The lineup is made with real brewed tea, natural flavours, real cane sugar, and is lightly sparkling. Four varieties are available: Twist of Lemon Black Tea, Mango Peach Black Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea and Raspberry Rooibos Tea.

The launch signals an important shift for the long-time Kelowna, B.C.-based company.

Director of marketing Barb Grant said in a news release: “SunRype is focused on innovation to meet the changing needs of consumers, and that means moving beyond juice and fruit snacks to offer a wider range of on-trend refreshment beverages and food products. A big part of this strategy is to bring these new products to market in pack types that fit with the lifestyles of today’s busy, active consumers. We are excited to have installed a can line in our Kelowna plant to facilitate bringing this and other new innovation to market.”

The new sparkling teas will be available in a 355 ml tall can. The graphic design for these products features a simple retro SunRype logo that is a nod to the company’s history.


“We wanted the package to look different from other SunRype products to ensure consumers understand this is something different,” stated Grant. “We purposely selected a more natural colour palette with a simple design to match the real, uncomplicated nature of the product itself.”

SunRype Real Brewed Sparkling Teas are now available in the refreshment beverage section of grocery stores across western Canada.