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Tea trend growing: New beverages add interest

May 8, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Skitterphoto

2019 Tea Expo funded whitepaper called The Next Wave in Tea reveals that both RTD and freshly brewed tea are a growing trend.

The drink’s perceived health benefits, or “health halo” that surrounds even sugary versions of RTD tea beverages makes its an appealing addition to many office coffee services or vending industries.

Sharyn Johnston is founder and CEO of Australian Tea Masters, has noticed that consumers are now “more likely to buy products containing natural ingredients and natural flavours blended with tea.

Modern and innovative approaches to brewing and serving tea, offering blends with unique ingredients and showcasing tea’s diversity will appeal to a wider audience and position loose leaf tea as a specialty beverage worthy of higher price on menus and retail shelves, she adds. Adding a twist such as fermenting it, adding fruit or serving it to pair with a meal is adding to its seeling value.


Beverages like kombucha, a fermented tea drink that is sold is keeping tea’s interest alive in the market. With CBD and THC now legal in Canada, many kombucha brewers are taking the plunge into creating cannabis-infused drinks.

The health halo is most evident with organic teas and green teas. “The same forces that moved consumers toward increasingly organic foods on their plate are the same forces moving consumers toward organically farmed teas,” writes Michelle Pierce Hamilton, in the Next Wave study.

The Next Wave in Tea study reveals that 80 per cent of all global tea is purchased through grocery stores and supermarkets.