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Tetra Pak considers switch to paper straws

May 14, 2018

Tetra Pak hopes to have a paper straw suitable for single-portion sized cartons before the end of 2018.

Prior to this initiative, the company tried to encourage consumers to push their plastic straws “back into the pack.” Tetra Pak recently announced in a press release on their site that they are considering switching their plastic straws out for paper ones in an attempt to fight plastic waste.

“It sounds simple enough,” conceded Charles Brand, executive vice president, product management and commercial operations, in a press release. “but in reality, there are a number of significant challenges to producing a paper straw with the required properties.”

“That said, our development team is confident they can find a solution, and that we’ll have a paper straw alternative ready to launch by the end of the year.”


On average, Tetra Pak packages are about 75 per cent paperboard; paper straws would be another important step towards the company’s long-term ambition of offering a completely renewable portfolio.​​