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TokensDirect launches new website

January 10, 2014
By Administrator


Jan. 10, 2014, Cincinnati, OH – TokensDirect recently launched a new website, which includes full-colour, high-resolution images of custom and stock tokens, as well as 115 new designs.

Viewers can sort by token type/usage, size and materials of construction.
The site also provides references such as “slightly smaller than a U.S. nickel coin” or “slightly larger than a U.S. golden dollar coin.” The website includes a Spanish translation and secure online sales at factory direct pricing.

“Every change that was implemented – including the addition of photos of custom and stock tokens rather than line drawings – came directly from customer requests,” said TokensDirect’s marketing manager David Blumenfeld, in a press release. “We’re trying to simplify the process of finding the right token for a particular application.”


There are more than 250,000 tokens offered in brass, red brass, nickel silver, and aluminum, as well as nickel plating and bright colour anodizing.

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