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Toronto to study single-serve and compostable coffee pods

October 24, 2016
By Canadian Vending


Toronto – The City of Toronto will study compostable pods in its waste diversion programs with an eye toward making sure they are recycled and not entering the regular garbage stream.

The City’s Public Works and infrastructure committee mandated city staff to assess single-serve or single-use products, including compostable pods, in its waste diversion programs. The committee also directed the inclusion of industry and the Ontario government in the study.

Club Coffee, the producer of PῧrPod100, which is certified 100 per cent compostable for coffee, tea and other hot beverages, will be actively involved in the study, the company said in a news release.

“The City of Toronto understands that consumers want an answer to the waste they associate with plastic single-serve coffee pods – one that will work effectively in Toronto’s processes,” said John Pigott, chief executive officer of Club Coffee. “We look forward to this collaborative effort based on testing in Toronto’s unique organic waste treatment process, which uses anaerobic digestion followed by aerobic composting of the leftover materials.”


Pigott was also pleased that councillors underlined their support for the economic impacts of this innovation and its value in creating jobs and exports in Toronto’s manufacturing sector.

Club Coffee’s presentations to the committee enabled it to clarify information about PῧrPod100, including:

  • It breaks down entirely in as little as five weeks in well-managed aerobic composting systems;
  • It breaks down at rates comparable to most food waste and faster than bones, fruit pits and other commonly accepted food wastes;
  • It contains 90 per cent coffee by weight, with diversion of this nitrogen-rich food from landfills and the recycling stream supporting achievement of waste diversion and greenhouse-gas targets;
  • It has been approved for similar organics programs in Canada and the United States; and
  • It is the first single-serve pod to be certified 100 per cent compostable under the independent Biodegradable Products Institute Compostable Logo program.