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Treo, a vegan birch bark sap beverage

July 29, 2020

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Bob Golden, son of the original creator of Snapple, Hyman Golden, has introduced a new low calorie alternative to soft drinks.

Treo uses the organic sweetening of birch tree sap to create an vegan, organic, all-natural, and plant-based fruit beverage.  The drink sustainably harvests the sap from New York and Vermont birch trees, helping them grow stronger while also harvesting the healthy, hydrating sugar found in tree sap.  The detoxifying qualities of birch tree sap dates back generations in Europe and has been brought to the marketplace for the first time with Treo Fruit + Birch Water.

Demand for plant-based products have skyrocketed in supermarkets, food stores, and restaurants across the nation in recent years, with the emergence of Impossible Meats and other alternatives for the health-conscious.

Grocery stores have seen up to an 80 per cent spike for health foods in regions hardest hit by coronavirus as people seek to boost their immune system and maintain a healthy diet to prevent the coronavirus.  Treo claims to be high in immune-boosting Vitamin C and has expanded to new regions since the coronavirus pandemic’s increased demand for healthy products.  They have recently surpassed their 20-millionth bottles of Treo sold.