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Turn Your Business Around In A Changing Economy

Many business owners and managers report that their industry is changing rapidly

February 29, 2008
By Anne Houlihan


Many business owners and managers report that their industry is
changing rapidly, and they feel that it’s more difficult to do business
today than it was just a few short years ago.

turningbusinessMany business owners and managers report that their industry is changing rapidly, and they feel that it’s more difficult to do business today than it was just a few short years ago.

Certainly, the nightly news is complete with stories of industry after industry facing its share of woes, from financial setbacks to employee shortages to increased competition to globalization issues. But just because those setbacks are occurring and companies are struggling to get ahead (maybe even some companies you’ve admired and tried to imitate) doesn’t mean that same fate has to happen to you.

In fact, if you take a new look at your company and the situation you’re in, you’ll likely find many opportunities for growth and success. The key is to embrace the change that is happening rather than dread it, as so many people often do.


After all, let’s face it … change is scary. Life is simpler when everything remains the same: same customers, same orders, same processes, and same routines.

But hidden within sameness are mediocrity and complacency – the two enemies of growth and success. Therefore, if you want to come through a changing economy unscathed, you need to view your company, customers, and processes in a whole new light. To do so, consider the following five guidelines for making the most of any economic challenge.

1. Focus on what you already have.

Your existing customers are your number 1 asset. Therefore, survey them and talk to them about their needs. Is there an unmet need you can fulfill for them? Can you supply another product line they desire?

Even though they’ve been your customer for many years, they may not be familiar with all you offer. The fact is that most of the time we sell people the same product. In a changing economy, you need to find out what else your customers do or what else they need.

2. Do a sales analysis on your current customers and clients.

Organize your catering client or customer database by industry. Then do a little research to determine the following: Which industries are still growing in the changing economy? Which industries are down? What opportunities do you have with your clients that are showing an increase? How can you help those clients that have a decrease? As you do this, remember that industries are diverse right now. So be sure you look at overall trends. Only then can you see what opportunities are waiting for you.

3. Examine your infrastructure.

Chances are there are many inexpensive ways for you to improve and streamline your business for more efficiency. However, in the past you’ve simply been too busy to take notice.

Now that times are changing, make sure you and your employees are using your proper procedures. If necessary, have a meeting or training session so everyone is up to date with the efficient systems.

4. Fine-tune your marketing.

If you want to attract new customers or even retain current ones, you have to let them know you exist. How is your company’s marketing exposure? Do you stand out from the competition? Are your customers aware of your full product line?

During a changing economy is an ideal time to tweak all your marketing messages, including your website, your flyers, your sales letters, and even your business cards. Granted, during a slow time many companies don’t have expendable cash. Realize, though, that you don’t need to do everything yourself or start from scratch. Many business templates are available for low cost or free that can help you improve your marketing messages. These include everything from website templates to pre-made letterhead designs. Look for and use the inexpensive options that are available.

5. Conduct an overall cost analysis.

Look at where you can reduce your overhead, thus showing more profit. Can you use some local vendors to reduce costs? Can you get your office and marketing supplies from a less expensive source? Now is the time to challenge what you’ve always done and discover new ways to save money. Usually when we’re busy and doing well we don’t have time for these types of communications. Now is the time to dig deep, question everything, and find those cost savings.

While a changing economy can be a scary time, it’s actually a prime time for growth. If you simply look for
opportunities, you will find them. So be aware of economic changes and the potential downfalls, but don’t make it your reality. Remember, only you and the decisions you make can create your company’s reality. In the end, by simply following the three Ps, that is displaying Positive, Proactive Perseverance, you’ll be amazed at your business turnaround and so glad you said “yes” to opportunity.

Anne Houlihan is president of Satori Seal, where she tripled revenues in one year and increased profits 140 per cent with her innovative budgeting and leadership techniques. She is also founder of Golden Key Leadership, where she combines more than 25 years of hands-on corporate experience and coaching to help companies of all sizes. With her speaking and consulting, Anne shows how to improve management techniques, empower employees to be
decision-makers, bridge the generational gap and overcome adversity. For information on her speaking and consulting, visit or call 951-235-5405.

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