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Twix adding new flavour to its line

December 17, 2018
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Mars Wrigley Confectionery

2019 promises many changes ahead for various confectionary companies, some of whom are changing the packaging and recipes of treasured brands.This December, Mars Wrigley Confectionery is introducing a new variety of Twix®:

Twix Triple Chocolate Cookie Bars.

This new treat is a cookie made of chocolate cookie bars, chocolate caramel, and coated in milk chocolate.

“Our consumers are seeking chocolate treats that play on texture and crunch,” said Twix Brand Director, Michelle Deignan in a press release. “This new flavour takes the classic Twix Cookie Bar our fans know and love and combines it with three-times the chocolate to create a new favourite for all chocolate lovers.”


Twix Triple Chocolate is available throughout the United States at major mass market retailers starting December 2018 and sold in Singles packs (1.41 oz.) or Share Size (2.82 oz.).