Canadian Vending

UnionPay’s mobile QuickPass debuts in Canada

August 16, 2016

Canada – UnionPay mobile QuickPass, which has been accepted at over 220,000 point-of-sale terminals in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia, is debuting in Canada.

UnionPay International announced today that a number of daily-spending merchants in Canada will start to accept its mobile QuickPass, mainly restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, supermarkets, and convenient stores. Consumers can pay with their UnionPay QuickPass chip cards or mobile QuickPass-enabled smartphones – Huawei, MI, ZTE, and Lenovo – at the contactless terminals in these merchants.

According to UnionPay, their latest data shows that more than 2 billion UnionPay chip cards have been issued worldwide, and more than 7 million POS terminals around the globe support mobile QuickPass. Australia has the largest number of QuickPass-accepting terminals.

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