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Vancouver considering bottled water ban in city-operated facilities

July 29, 2008
By Administrator


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Vancouver considering bottled water ban in city-operated facilities
Vancouver may soon join the growing list of cities that have banned bottled water.

bottled_waterVancouver may soon join the growing list of cities that have banned bottled water.

Tim Stevenson wants to prohibit the sale of bottled water at city hall
and city-operated facilities, including community and recreational
centers. However, the ban would not include Vancouver residents.


the chair of the region's water committee, told the Toronto Star, "What
we want to do is promote the water that comes out of our tap and say
it's not necessary to have bottled water if you have no idea where the
water comes from… It could come from Alabama for all we know."

pointed out Vancouver obtains it's water from fresh streams, while
water from the tap is not older than three days. To boost its tap water
claim, Vancouver's $650 million filtration system will be in operation
in 2009, removing any possibility residents could receive unclean
water. Two years ago, a boil-water advisory was issued to two million
residents after rain caused Vancouver stream-water to become murky.

Canadian Bottled Water Association, which represents 85 percent of all
bottled water producers in the country, said Stevenson's attack on
bottled water is misguided because 95 percent of bottled water drinkers
buy it to replace beverages and not water from the faucet. "It's a
lifestyle change and not because they're trying to avoid municipal tap
water," Elizabeth Griswold, executive director of the association,
explained to the Toronto Star.

Environmentalists believe that
bottled water adds to the landfill problem, Mengo McCall, director of
business developments of Canadian Springs, said Vancouver's focus
should be to encourage the residents to recycle or use multiple-use
packaging, although McCall said bottled water is better than tap water
because chlorine has been added to tap water.

The anti-bottled
water campaign has been growing across the globe, especially in North
America and Europe. Last month, members of the U.S. Conference of
Mayors supported the resolution of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to
phase out bottled water from city meetings and offices, except during
emergencies. The conference represents 250 American cities.