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Vend Rite launches the Compact Energy Centre

September 17, 2012
By Administrator


5_hour_smallSept. 17, 2012, Ancaster, Ont. – Vend Rite Systems (VRS) is
cashing in on the multi-billion dollar energy shot market with its new Compact
Energy Centre (CEC).

The CEC, rolling out across North America, is designed to vend energy
shots and is the only vending machine of its kind on the market today, stated
the company in a news release.

Designed to be easily floor or wall mounted, the CEC can be
installed almost anywhere or located in a hotel lobby, office building,
lunchroom, restaurant, sports arenas, schools or hundreds of other locations. The
CEC is available in either a one or four selection version and vend any of the
over 42 different sizes of energy shots such as 5 Hour Energy, but can vend 6
Hour Energy or any other small and compact energy drink a customer requires. Fitted
with an electronic bill validator or coin mechanism and optional credit card
reader, the CEC can be programmed for any country’s currency. For more information, visit