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Vending’s high-tech frontier

Cantaloupe System brings order to vending’s chaos.

December 1, 2009
By Christopher Steiner


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Vending's high-tech frontier
A solution to delivering Vending goods only to find the machines still packed, college pals Mandeep Arora and
Anant Agrawal want to track munchies via the nation's six million vending machines.



Dec. 1, 2009 – In 1993 Mandeep Arora rode shotgun on a vending delivery route. Even at
age 13 he could see it made little sense: tromping up several flights
of stairs with boxes of Snickers and Cheez-Its only to find machines
still packed. Yet that's exactly what operators of vending networks
expected their drivers to do. "It seemed like a huge waste of time," he
recalls. | READ MORE


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