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Venditalia celebrates 10 years

April 28, 2008
By Cam Wood


Apr. 28, 2008, Milan – Venditalia, International Vending Exhibition, opens its doors to young creative designers this year for the 10th anniversary of the European vending exposition.

Apr. 28, 2008, Milan – The year 2008 marks celebrations of Venditalia's 10th anniversary. The exhibition was held for the first time in Genoa in 1998. The 10-year period is an opportunity to consider 10 years of activity and most of all, a decade of vending.

Hence, the main objective of this year's show is to provide an overview of the exhibitions held over the past 30 years. The event is some sort of retrospective focusing on some crucial points of the exhibition, representing an international event not to be missed.

Venditalia, International Vending Exhibition, also opens its doors this year to young creative designers from the Istituto Europeo di Design, an international network operating in the field of education and research, in the subjects of design, fashion and the visual and communicative arts. This is a large creative laboratory, flexible and dynamic, which enriches its Italian-matrix culture with the most innovative visions from all corners of the planet. A design school that organises training courses for talented people of all ages and languages, gifted with creative ambitions. Its mission is to create innovators: people with the ability to make their own dreams come true with enthusiasm, liberty and responsibility.


These young talents will this year be working with Venditalia. Under the direction of professors Andrea Panto and Pietro Riolo, the students on the Progettazione 2 – Industrial Design course, have carried out a market survey into table-top coffee machines, thought up a new concept for the product and finally – designed and modelled the prototypes. Their tutors par excellence were the top management of CONFIDA and Venditalia Servizi srl, who participated in classes and followed the final stages of the design, in the important role of "clients".

Architect Alessandro Chiarato, Milan Design School Director stated that "The European Design Institute has always been a community of future designers that will work with Italian industrial system. This cooperation with Venditalia proves that designer's "thought" always in search of innovative solutions, matched with Venditalia, can consolidate italian system image in the world."

Creativity must always be developed along the rails of economic feasibility and functionality, in the classroom as in real life. These two fundamental concepts have led to the birth of coffee machines that are the real expressions of originality in modern design. New practical ways for the coffee break to accompany every moment of the day were the inspiration for the work by these students. Some of the prototypes will be selected and brought to the fair, where they will be displayed in a dedicated area. A show by young people from different countries for a Fair that has internationalism as its underlying strong point. The coffee machines of the future devised and produced in 3D prototypes exclusively for VENDITALIA. Collaboration that will certainly be the forerunner to interesting developments.

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