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Virtuplay and Dial-a-Sweeps ink deal

February 24, 2009
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intevoFeb. 24, 2009 –VirtuPlay Corporation, developer and manufacturer of INTEVO™, The Advanced Touch Screen Entertainment Counter Top would like to announce it’s new partnership with Dial-A-Sweeps.


VirtuPlay Corporation, developer and manufacturer of INTEVO™, The Advanced Touch Screen Entertainment Counter Top would like to announce it’s new partnership with Dial-A-Sweeps.

Dial-A-Sweeps a Canadian based company and holds the licensing rights for the Best Bet Sweeps for Canada. The new Sweepstakes program will be exclusively operated on VirtuPlay’s INTEVO countertop and the new VirtuPlay HDi(High Definition INTEVO).

The Best Bet Sweeps is based on the sales of long distance phone cards. With every purchase of a $10 phone card, the purchaser receives 1000 free Sweepstakes Points redeemable on the INTEVO counter tops. These points are used on casino style games, and are able to redeem prizes on points that have been won. When the purchaser completes their Sweepstake points and/or phone time, they are able to reload they current card with any monetary amount at the location. Then for every continued purchase, the purchaser receives 1 Sweepstake point for every 1 cent spent.


The Best Bet Sweeps is currently approved by the Competition Bureau of Canada for operation in the Province of Ontario and will be expanding to different markets.

The INTEVO series of products are the only countertops that have implement a Sweepstakes program which operates on its touch screen along with the other applications INTEO offers.

For more information on the Best Bet Sweeps and INTEVO, please contact Naomi or Mario at 1-877-875-2919,  or visit our website at for more information.


INTEVO™, the FIRST countertop with a touch screen and intergraded keyboard to have FULL Internet capabilities and games. INTEVO™ is powered by a software and hardware platform designed and manufactured by VirtuPlay.  Its main function is a Touch Screen Game Countertop that operates on a pay for time basis. The INTEVO™ offers access to more than 1000’s of games and is also an endless world of entertainment packed with fun features and easy to use interface. Either use the tamper proof stainless steel keyboard & trackball, or just touch the screen to direct where you want to go through it’s Guided User Interface which upgrades itself at no cost to the owner. Choose from a list of fun stuff like Games, E-mail, “HOT” website links, News Sites, open your MSN, Yahoo or Goggle Messenger account, Streaming Music and Videos, and INTEVO™ Players Club Contests. Other features include a 500 note bill acceptor, electronic multiple coin accepter, and accented lights that are easy on the user’s eyes. This new innovated product has captured every aspect of entertainment, operation and design. This is just the beginning.


VirtuPlay Corporation is a leading manufacture of coin operated internet based products based in Toronto Canada with over 20 years of operating and servicing experience, and eight years of manufacturing. After six years of Research and Development, VirtuPlay’s newest release “INTEVO™”, debuted at the 2007 ASI Show in Las Vegas. VirtuPlay’s INTEVO™ set a new standard in countertop entertainment with Touch Screen Games and Internet access and is a true testament of the company’s abilities to bring New and Innovative ideas to the industry. VirtuPlay’s goal is to put more money in the operators pocket by designing equipment that does not put itself out-of-date.

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