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Web-based tech combats break-ins, theft

February 9, 2011
By Administrator


February 3, 2011, San Francisco – Wireless, web-based monitoring
technology from Cantaloupe Systems is helping law enforcement and
vending machine operators across the country combat break-ins and thefts
from unprotected vending machines.

Cantaloupe Systems’ Seed is a wireless device that monitors all
transactions and transmits data securely so operators have access to
real time overviews of inventory and sales trends. Seed also alerts
operators via text or e-mail whenever someone opens their machines’
doors, highlighting any unusual activities.

“Our Seed system gives operators extensive information about the state
of their machines in real time, all the time,” says Anant Agrawal,
co-founder of Cantaloupe Systems. “This detailed information allows them
to see their machines and protect them – and the property owners that
host vending machines – from vandalism and loss of income.”

Camelback Vending, based in Phoenix, Ariz., recently used Seed
technology to coordinate with local police and catch two thieves in a
late-night break-in, robbing vending machines at local high schools. Not
only did Seed alert Camelback Vending, its automatic inventory of cash
on hand helped the operator recover all her lost cash while providing
evidence against the thief in court.


“We didn’t install Seed primarily to catch thieves, but it’s always
great to get extra benefits – such as monitoring each machine from afar –
from a product we like so much anyway,” said Jodi Glimpse, vice
president of business development at Camelback Vending.

Cantaloupe Systems was founded in 2002 to provide automated merchandising for the United States’ vending industry.