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Welch’s offers Niagara grape juice

May 27, 2016
By Maria Church


Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has added 100 per cent Niagara grape juice to its juice range, and the Niagara grape to its Welch’s FruitWorx inclusions range.

The Niagara grape, unlike table grape varieties, has a thick skin and crunchy seeds that provide natural plant nutrients, including antioxidants. Welch’s juice manufacturing process squeezes the whole grape, including the skin and seeds, to extract as much nutrients as possible.

Welch’s debuted its Niagara grape products at the Ingredients Marketplace 2016 Expo in Orlando in April.

The company introduced the Concord grape last year and said in a news release that offering both the Niagara and Concord grapes gives customers a choice of two contrasting but delicious fruit juices.


Both grapes are grown by almost 1,000 family farmers who own Welch’s Global Ingredients Group.