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Wine-infused coffee is alcohol-free with a blueberry note

March 20, 2017
By Administrator


Molinari Private Reserve (MPR) recently launched a new wine-infused coffee brand.

The creation of Napa, Calif.-based Molinari Caffe owner Rick Molinari, the idea behind the coffee grew out of an experiment between Molinari and John Weaver, master coffee roaster for nearby Wild Card Roasters.

The regular and decaf coffees are made with hand-picked Arabica green coffee beans that are rehydrated to a specific liquid percentage using a red wine created exclusively for Molinari by local Napa wineries, the partners said in a press release. “The wine-soaked beans are then dried and hand-roasted to yield an alcohol-free, rich, full-bodied coffee with an interesting blueberry note.”

The process took Molinari over two and a half years to perfect. “Though the idea of combining wine and coffee is not altogether new, MPR is the first Napa-based company to successfully infuse coffee beans with wine,” Molinari said.


“I was intrigued to see the way wine would interact with green coffee beans and ultimately how my roasting would affect the final product,” Weaver said. “Using incremental changes in load size, time, temperature and airflow I was able to discover unique and distinctive notes in the flavor profile, which were enhanced with minimal changes throughout the roasting process. It is a new experience, to say the least, when you hand-roast these wine soaked beans. I am delighted with the finished product.”

The brand is currently seeking a distributor in Canada.